Prevention is better than cure, also in the Law field.

To be informed, prepared and aware of what is legally correct, is the easiest way to maintain and encrease your business.

We strongly believe that preventive protection is the right way to follow, especially in a Country which is known for its bureaucracy and duration of the lawsuits.

If you want to receive legal advice in English or to plan a formation event for your company, both in English and in Italian, please call us at (+39) 0174 1968022 or write an email at


Legal advice is the fastest and safest way to solve doubts, understand in which position you are, make profitable business and take the right decision at the right time. 

We implement all the documents with:

  • a quote
  • a cost /benefit report;
  • a rating about linked legal risks;
  • a work deadline.


Training is always the best solution to increase sales volume and earnings and to save legal costs in the future.

We organize training courses for managers and employee, on the specific legal matters in which we are specialized, using our conference room or moving to your Company all over the world.

We also offer remote support through video & conference call and web conference.